Occupy Wall Street Library Packed 1,178 Books for ‘Eviction Resistance’

By Jason Boog Comment

News broke this morning that the city has postponed its scheduled cleaning of Zuccotti Park. The Occupy Wall Street librarians had packed a growing catalog of 1,178 books in preparation for a nonviolent response to the eviction.

In the photo embedded above, Stephen Boyer showed how the People‚Äôs Library was “wrapped up and ready for the eviction resistance” before the protest. The library is still looking for donations and author visits. According to one novelist, the city’s response was less hospitable during the Great Depression.

Here’s more from the Occupy Wall Street page: “300,000+ Americans signed petitions to stop the eviction, and flooded the 311 phone network in solidarity with those in Liberty Square. At 6 AM this morning, 3,000+ New Yorkers, unions, students, and others joined the occupiers in the square to send a clear message to the 1% who want to silence this peaceful assembly of the 99% … On October 15th, Occupy Wall Street will demonstrate in concert over 951 cities in 82 countries and counting as people around the globe protest in an international day of solidarity against the greed and corruption of the 1%.”