Occupy Wall Street Library Goes Mobile

By Jason Boog Comment

As Occupy Wall Street (OWS)  protests continued around New York City today, the OWS Library converted into a mobile operation. In the photo embedded above, you can see one of the librarians pushing a library cart.

The NYPD seized the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) library for a second time last night. You can watch the event in the video embedded below–supporters chanted “shame on you!” as workers carted away the books in the rain.

The librarians tweeted: “OWSlibrary been told to remove the books from the park or the police will seize them.” Five minutes later, they wrote: “NYPD & Brookfield have taken the People’s Library again. and we love you all.”

The library has generated major headlines around the world. The OWS Library blog rounded up some headlines: “Amy Goodman writes beautifully about the grim symbolism of Bloomberg’s destruction of our library. Rachel Maddow covers this most recent attack on the library. NY1 covers our attempts to recover the remnants of our library today after it was destroyed by NYPD and DSNY under Mayor Bloomberg’s orders. NY1 aired footage of the attack on the library tonight, but it’s not yet available on their web site. LA Times covers the thousands of books that the city trashed. The Washington Post covers Salman Rushdie’s comments about the destruction of the library by Mayor Bloomberg, and features the photo of the bible that Bloomberg trashed.”

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated as the story evolved.