Novelist Junot Diaz Criticizes Obama’s Post-Inauguration Storytelling

By Jason Boog Comment

1000039301L.jpgAs Republican Scott Brown beat Democrat Martha Coakley in a Massachusetts race for a U.S. Senate seat this week, many are looking to Barack Obama for a response. In a New Yorker essay, the Pulitzer Prize-winning Junot Díaz (pictured, via) criticized President Obama’s lack of presidential narrative–a problem that thinks will be “death-knell” of the administration.

Here’s more from the essay: “What I’ve been aware of is how much better storytellers the members of the opposition are. Tea Parties and death panels–you might hate these bursts of craziness but these are, above all else, stories, narratives… It is ironic–no it’s actually tragic–that the man who proved himself to be a fantastic storyteller on the campaign trail, who vaulted into office by fashioning his life, his promise into a great story (‘Dreams from My Father,’ anyone?) has been unable to locate an equally engaging narrative for his presidency. Sometimes I wonder if he’s even trying.”

What do you think? Has Obama lost his storytelling powers since his inauguration one year ago? Follow this link to see GalleyCat’s coverage of the historic celebration for reference.