Norman Mailer’s Widow Advises Sandra Bullock and Elin Nordegren

By David Comment

mailer.jpgNorris Church Mailer released her memoir this week, and she marked the occasion with a post on Wowowow pointing just how good her timing was.

She begins, “In light of the recent revelations about Tiger Woods and Jesse James, the age-old topic of fidelity has once again come into the news, big time.”

Norris Mailer, of course, is the widow of novelist Norman Mailer (pictured), and her memoir, A Ticket to the Circus, is largely about their 27-year marriage, which featured its share of infidelity. (Let’s not forget, he was married six times.) And since Norris knows that what we’re really looking for in a writer’s widow’s memoir is insight into the writer, she gives us a pretty solid look at her husband’s wandering eye.

Here’s a good clip: “If they do [cheat], then the door is cracked to move them in totally and move the wife out. It happened to my husband five times before he met me, and in his convoluted way, I suppose he thought he was protecting our marriage by only being with women who were totally unsuitable, in his mind, to be his wife. He was never close to leaving me for one of them.”

Oh, Norman.