Nicole Blonsky to Write Intro to ‘Fat Kids’ Book

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

fatkidsHairspray remake star Nikki Blonsky will write the introduction to Fat Kids, a new book from Beaufort Books that comes out in October on National Love Your Body Day.

The book is authored by Rebecca Jane Weinstein, author of Fat Sex: The Naked Truth. Weinstein an attorney and social worker who tells her tale of growing up as an overweight child.

Here is more about the book:

Fat Kids: is a narrative nonfiction account of people’s life experiences growing up fat and being the parents of fat children, the methods that were used to cause weight loss, and the outcomes of these experiences.  Heartfelt and often heartbreaking real-life stores are paired with expert discussion of important issues of the day, such as stigma and bullying, the psychological ramification of being a fat child in our culture, and the medical science behind weight.  The book includes honest and forthright portrayals in a memoir-esque storytelling style, used to illustrate the serious information presented by subject matter experts.