New Yorker Artist Shops Presidential Pup Book

By Jason Boog Comment

2009_04_27-thumb-233x318.jpgUnbelievably, author and illustrator Bob Staake’s new book, “The First Pup: The Unofficial Story Of How Sasha and Malia’s Dad Got the Presidency–And How They Got a Dog” hasn’t found a publisher yet.

Over at the New Yorker‘s book blog, Staake explained how he wrote his book these last few months as the First Family prepared for a new puppy. The book features lovable illustrations of many dogs, including poodles, schnauzers, spaniels, and finally, Bo, the Portuguese water dog who ended up at the White House.

In the post, the artist explained this week’s New Yorker cover (pictured): “You put any dog on the cover and everyone goes crazy … This cover is good at being cute, but it also works as a metaphor for Obama. The best New Yorker covers are the ones where the reader looks and brings their own interpretation, which brings the image to a new dimension.”