New Sherlock Holmes Short Story Uncovered

By Maryann Yin 

Sherlock HolmesA new short story called “Sherlock Holmes: Discovering the Border Burghs and, by deduction, the Brig Bazaar” has been uncovered. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the 1,300-word piece more than 80 years ago.

It appears in a collection entitled The Book o’ the Brig; the money generated from sales of this booklet benefited a small Scottish town called Selkirk. At the time of its publication, the local residents were collecting money so that they could re-construct a fallen bridge.

The Telegraph reports that historian Walter Elliot forgot that he owned a copy of this anthology; it had been sitting in his attic for over five decades. “It is believed the story – about Holmes deducing Watson is going on a trip to Selkirk – is the first unseen Holmes story by Doyle since the last was published over 80 years ago…The booklet will be on show at the Cross Keys Selkirk Pop-up Community Museum from Saturday, along with Mr Elliot’s painting of the replaced bridge.” Click here to read the full story. (via BuzzFeed)