Neverending Story eReader Cover

By Jason Boog Comment

An ingenious Etsy artist is selling eReader and iPad covers that look like the leather-bound magical book featured in The Neverending Story book and film.

In the popular book and movie, a boy enters a magical world by reading an imaginary book called The Neverending Story–the inspiration for the eReader cover. Follow this link to watch the discovery of The Neverending Story book in the 1984 film. The hero stumbles into a dusty bookstore, receiving some timely advice from a cranky bookseller:  “The video arcade is down the street. Here we just sell small rectangular objects. They’re called books.”

Here’s more about the $$49.95 cover: “Modern digital book readers can holds thousands and thousands of books – truly a never-ending supply! Customize your reader with a cover that will for sure bring back the nostalgic moments of luck dragons, noble warriors, and epic quests. These book covers are hand-crafted from high quality leather and suedes and bound with filigree and an auryn on the cover, just like the book we all know and love. These are made to fit Kindles and Nooks. They are a perfect way to protect your reader and gives it a high level of protection while attracting a lot of attention and comments from friends and passersby.” (Via Reddit)