NetGalley Launches Buzzy Feature

By Jason Boog Comment

CaseForBooks.jpgNetGalley, the digital service for providing review copies, launched a Buzz for NetGalley Titles section today–sharing the season’s biggest books on Twitter and the company’s webpage.

The list of digital galleys highlights how the company’s list has grown. It now includes books by publishers ranging from Little Brown to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to Taunton. All the picks can be found on Twitter as well at the hashtag, #NGpick.

The buzzworthy list includes, somewhat appropriately, “The Case for Books” by Robert Darnton–an examination of our digital future from Public Affairs books.

Here’s more about the book: “In the 500+ years since the invention of the printing press, the book has remained a relatively unchanged and unrivaled vehicle for knowledge. Until now … [Darnton] examines this current pivotal point in literary history in a collection of thoughtful essays. What common ground exists between old books and e-books? Will Google Book Search monopolize the printed word? What is the ultimate cost of the loss of the printed book?