Neil Gaiman & Twittersphere Collaborate

By Jason Boog Comment

Twitter_img_final.jpgTomorrow novelist Neil Gaiman and a thousand Twitter followers will write an audiobook script together on Twitter–an epic test to see if the Twittersphere can actually cooperate on a story.

The whole project starts on this Twitter page at 12 EST tomorrow (October 13). Gaiman will tweet the first line of a story, and the Twittersphere will add the next sentences, continuing the story in a round-robin style. To be included in the mix, your addition to the story must be tagged #bbcawdio and be sent to the correct Twitter page. Here’s an example we composed, purely for instructional purposes: “@BBCAA: After writing his first tweet, Neil Gaiman immediately visited, his favorite website in the world. #bbcawdio”

Here’s more from the sponsors, BBC Audiobooks America: “When roughly 1000 Tweets are logged, we’ll edit the contributions and compile a script, then head into the studio to record and produce the audiobook. The final audiobook will be downloadable free on our website and also available as a digital download at iTunes and other audiobook retailers.”