Neil Gaiman Posts Letter from Innocence of Muslims Actress

By Jason Boog Comment

Author Neil Gaiman posted “A Letter from a Scared Actress” on his site. In the letter, actress Anna Gurji explained how she was tricked (along with a crew of other actors) into participating in the film shoot that became Innocence of Muslims.

The director (who is now in hiding) took a seemingly harmless science fiction script about a comet falling in Egypt and re-dubbed original dialogue with offensive commentary about the life Muhammad. The film has since incited anger around world, and the Gurji wrote “I feel shattered.” Here is an excerpt:

It’s painful to see how our faces were used to create something so atrocious without us knowing anything about it at all. It’s painful to see people being offended with the movie that used our faces to deliver lines (it’s obvious the movie was dubbed) that we were never informed of, it is painful to see people getting killed for this same movie, it is painful to hear people blame us when we did nothing but perform our art in the fictional adventure movie that was about a comet falling into a desert and tribes in ancient Egypt fighting to acquire it, it’s painful to be thought to be someone else when you are a completely different person.