NASA Helps Authors Write ‘Scientifically Accurate & Entertaining Novels’

By Jason Boog Comment

A few very lucky Tor/Forge authors will get to visit NASA as part of the publishers new “NASA inspired Works of Fiction” partnership with the space agency.

Through the program Tor/Forge authors will work with NASA scientists and engineers, writing more “scientifically accurate and entertaining novels.” The program’s ultimate goal is to encourage more students to follow science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers in school.

Here’s more about the program: “[Goddard Space Flight Center’s] (GSFC) Innovative Partnerships Program Office will host a select group of Tor/Forge authors – some of whom already write science based fiction – to learn more about science and space exploration. Authors will visit GSFC for a two day workshop in November consisting of presentations, facility tours and one-on-one sessions with [Subject Matter Experts]. NASA contributions to the project will also provide access to their data, facilities, and educational design and evaluation experts.”