Mystery Writers of America Opens Membership Door To Some eBook & Print-On-Demand Publishers

By Jason Boog Comment

The Mystery Writers of America made a major change to its membership guidelines today, opening the membership door to eBook and print-on-demand publishers.

Here is a brief summary of the changes: “The publishing business is experiencing massive changes and if MWA is to remain relevant, we have to change, too.  That’s why we’ve revised our Approved Publisher criteria to make books published solely in e-book format or using print-on-demand eligible under certain conditions for MWA membership (and, perhaps later, for Edgar eligibility as well).  Self-published books, whether they are published in print or as e-books, still do not qualify for MWA active membership.”

What do you think about these changes–too far or not far enough? Follow this link to read the complete details. Below, we’ve included a crucial excerpt from the guidelines for eBook publishers.

New MWA e-Book Publisher Guidelines

During the preceding year, the publisher must have paid a minimum of $500 in advances and/or royalties to at least five authors with no financial or ownership interest in the company.
a) The publisher must have paid a minimum royalty of least 25% of net revenue to authors.
b) The royalties must have been paid at least quarterly, with a detailed statement, breaking out books sold through affiliate sites, through the publisher’s own site, as well as print books if applicable.

c) Payment must be in monies, not in barter for advertising or copies or any other considerations.
d) Payment must be actual – not, for example, a donation of writing deemed worth a given amount.
e) Payment must have been made and not merely promised.
f) A contract alone is not payment. Proof of payment may be requested by the committee.

(Via Sarah Weinman & Lee Goldberg)