Missing Hong Kong Bookseller is in China

By Dianna Dilworth 

Lee Bo, one of the Hong Kong book publishers who recently went missing, is reportedly in China.

Five employees of the Hong Kong publisher The Mighty Current disappeared in late December after the publisher planned a book that was critical of the Chinese government. Last week, the company dropped the book. Chinese police confirmed that Bo was in custody in China through a strange “confession letter”. Bloomberg has more:

Police in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong sent a letter to Hong Kong authorities stating that the bookseller, Lee Bo, was in China, Hong Kong police said on the government’s website. Chinese authorities also enclosed a letter from Lee similar to one he sent to his wife that was reproduced by Hong Kong media on Monday, the statement said.

The news comes a day after Gui Minhai, the Swedish citizen who also worked for the publishing house and went missing in Thailand, made a bizarre resurfacing with a strange confession on China’s state television CCTV.