Missing Hong Kong Book Editor Has Come Home

By Dianna Dilworth Comment


Lee Bo, one of the Hong Kong book publishers who went missing, has returned home to Hong Kong.

Bo had surfaced in mainland China in January. He has now returned home. Hong Kong police released a statement that Bo had met with officers after coming back from mainland China. The Guardian has more:

Lee did not provide thorough information about his departure from Hong Kong but said he had gone to the mainland to assist in a court case against a friend and had not been abducted. The statement said Lee told officers he had been safe and free while on the mainland but gave few details.

Five employees of the Hong Kong publisher The Mighty Current disappeared in late December after the publisher planned a book that was critical of the Chinese government. Since then, several of the missing parties have reemerged in bizarre situations. Gui Minhai gave several televised confessions for breaking customs laws.