Meet This February’s Relationship Advice Icon


By Neal Comment

jcourtney-sullivan.jpgSince Sarah’s already covered the celebrities and their pals with dating tips angle for today, I’ll turn to the New York Observer, where Choire Sicha spends quality time with J. Courtney Sullivan, whose Dating Up: Dump the Schlump and Find a Quality Man is on its way to bookstores as we speak. Sullivan is an alumna of the NYT Modern Love school of relationships, although she’d like you to know that essay about how she learned to shut up about her feminism so men would stop hating her wasn’t quite as simplistic as, well, I just made it sound. “I did mean for a lot of it to be a joke, and I think some people didn’t get the joke,” she tells Sicha over lunch at Osteria al Doge. “I was trying to parody myself. And there were times where people didn’t get that and thought I was being straight up. But if I had been, I’d be a gigantic asshole.” Which she isn’t.

By the way, is it just me, or has Sicha executed a pitch-perfect parody of the NY Times arts section author profile, specifically the Dinitia Smith variety? But Sullivan had better watch out: The last cute young relationship experts Sicha celebrated in print were Lauren Blitzer and Lauren Levin, whose moment in the sun seems to have been rather brief (although, who knows, they may have something new up their sleeves, and God bless ‘em if they do).