Marketing Never Rests,Not Even @ 7th-Inning Stretch


By Neal Comment

brad-thor.jpgWe hear that thriller writer (and hottie literati) Brad Thor was out at the ballpark last week, and had mentioned his career as a bestselling author to a new acquaintance sitting nearby. Meanwhile, a gaggle of teenage boys in the row behind him were acting like, well, unchaperoned teenage boys, and finally after getting some soda spilled on him, Thor turned around and told the kids to chill. So a few days ago, he gets a letter in his inbox: “I could not help but over hear your conversation at the White Sox game on June 21 that you were a New York Times bestselling author. I was the kid sitting behind you yelling at the top of my lungs. So, I googled you and found out your books and genre of writing. I actually am looking for some good reads this summer so I may just pick up one of your books.” The moral of the story? As Thor confided to his publicist, “Since I can’t keep my big yap shut about what I do, I’d better really watch how I react to other people, even at the ballpark!”