Margaret Atwood Designs Superhero Costumes

By Maryann Yin Comment

Two Margaret Atwood fans received an unexpected gift from the novelist recently: superhero costumes.

It began when nephrologist Dr. Joel Topf (@kidney_boy) tweeted about an Atwood novel to his friend, a writer named Melissa Travis (@Dr. Snit). To thank them for their support, Atwood made an unsolicited offer to design superhero costumes for their Twitter aliases. You can see Atwood’s designs for Dr. Snit and Kidney Boy in the above image.

Topf couldn’t be more pleased and wrote in a personal blog post: “This has been wonderful and exciting. How cool is it to exchange with an author I love and respect. It demonstrates how small the world can be.”

Atwood sought the pair’s advice on the superheroes throughout the design process. For instance, she asked Topf whether he would prefer to be highly muscular or moderate in his physical tone.

In an interview with GalleyCat, Atwood explained her Twitter use:  “Most of my Twitter followers, which now number 84,000 are friendly and helpful. If you want to an answer to something, just put it on Twitter and you’ll get a lot of answers.” (Via Gawker)