Marcia! Marcia! Marcia Has a Book Deal!


By Neal Comment

maureen-mccormick-headshots.jpgHarperEntertainment announced a deal yesterday afternoon for an autobiography from actress Maureen McCormick, a project which author and publisher are “tentatively” calling Here’s the Story—because, I hope and pray, some editorial assistant is trying to convince executive editor Maureen O’Brien, a member of Lisa Sharkey‘s creative development team, that Oh, My Nose! is a much catchier title that will fly off shelves faster. “This autobiography will be a remarkably cautionary tale and inspirational wake up call for today’s celebrity youth culture,” O’Brien said for the press release, which bullet-points McCormick’s battles with bulimia and cocaine addiction, both of which she has discussed on tabloid TV shows in the last year. One tidbit not covered in the press release, but which caused a flurry of excitement among lesbians back in April, was the possibility that McCormick would dish about her crush on co-star Eve Plumb, which may, if reports of her comments on another TV show are accurate, have led to at least one kissing session. You know, that’s about the only episode of the abominable TV Land Confidential you could possibly get me to watch, and I bet they won’t do it.

(photos of Maureen McCormick from [then] and [now])