Making Paris Burn … w/ Envy


By Kathryn Comment

Last month, FishBowlNY introduced news of ex-TPR editor Brigid Hughes’ involvement with a new ‘mystery’ publication. Now, a story off the AP shares the details: Hughes will be heading yet another lit journal, this time named A Public Space. Contributing editors will include Richard Powers and Yiyun Li, recent Iowa grad and (controversial) Plimpton prize-winner. Most of the interesting material, however, gets bunched together in a p’graph near the article’s end. (This is a p’grah, by the way, which GC finds very hard to read without visualizing Hughes in the process of reeling out the middle finger.)

Hughes says she is receiving financial support from the publishing, business and film communities and that her magazine will be funded through “private donors [ed. – Moody? That you?] , grants, subscription revenue and advertising.” She declines to offer a specific goal for her subscriber base, but aims for a higher number than at The Paris Review. An annual subscription will cost $30, for four issues, while individual copies will likely cost $10-12, compared to $40 a year for a subscription at The Paris Review and $12 for a single issue.