Make Your Child An eBook Star

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

JibJab has launched a new kind of kids’ book app for the iPad. The app lets parents add a photo of their child to the story making them the star of the narrative. (There is nothing stopping playful adults from adding themselves to these eBooks).

eBookNewser has more: “The company launches with two titles — The Biggest Pizza Ever about a kid who runs wild in a town with an overgrown pizza and The Alphabet Wrangler about a kid who chases the letters of the alphabet around the house. The company will release new titles every month, including an underwater adventure called Ocean Commotion, which comes out this month.”

JibJab made headlines for helping OfficeMax make its popular ‘ElfYourself’ campaign, a viral effort that lets people turn photos of themselves into animated elves. If your kid is more interested in being a maker than being a star, Barnes & Noble has tools for kids to make their own eBook apps.