Macmillan CEO John Sargent Speaks Out About eBook Pricing and Libraries

By Jason Boog Comment

macmillan.jpgMacmillan CEO John Sargent continued to address readers’ comments on his new blog today. The post comes on the heels of some controversial comments Sargent made about libraries and eBooks.

Here are his thoughts on pricing, from his blog: “We believe at first release an e book is worth more and people will pay more for it. Over time it will become worth less as demand tapers. However, some digital books will retain their value over time just like print books. Some will increase their value over time (many physical books are now only available as trade paperbacks, after they have been out in the cheaper mass market formats). So our digital pricing will vary to reflect the value of the book at the time. But in general, our plan is to price books below ten dollars after there initial sales demand slows (usually within a year).”

Following a highly publicized spat with Amazon over pricing, the CEO addressed eBook pricing directly. Under the publisher’s new agency model, he had these general prices for eBook editions: new hardcover releases will range between $14.99 and $12.99; hardcover New York Times bestseller-listed books will be $12.99 or below; and new paperbacks will range between $9.99 and $6.99.