Longfellow Books in Maine Damaged by Blizzard

By Jason Boog Comment

Maine’s Longfellow Books received “serious water damage” during the blizzard last weekend. The bookstore will be closed as they recover from the damage, but c0-owner Chris Bowe said there was one way to help: “Support us by buying books.”

Even though the bookstore is closed, you can still support them by buying eBooks through the store’s partnership with Kobo. The store is one of the many independent bookstores that now sells eBooks through Kobo. Check out our How To Buy eBooks from Your Favorite Indie Bookstore for more details.

The Portland Press Herald had more details: “Maine writers offered help, support and sympathy to the independent bookstore, where as many as half of the 30,000 titles were damaged when this weekend’s blizzard pushed in a second-story window and caused pipes to freeze and burst overhead.” (Via Publishers Weekly)