LOL Editor Cats: Literary Pet Parade

By Jason Boog Comment

Welcome to GalleyCat’s annual pet parade, a holiday display of literary pets around the globe. GalleyCat readers have sent in pictures all week–the largest response we’ve ever received to the pet parade. Look for more pet pictures over the next week.

Author Laura Anne Gilman shared the LOLcat picture embedded above. Here’s more about the photo: “My cats Pandora (AKA “The Duchess”) and Boomerang (AKA “Boomer-you-Idiot) are long-time staples of my blog. I think more people stop by to hear what they’re up to than to find out about my next book! ┬áSo of course I had to use them to run a LOLcat contest. This was a winner.”

Follow this link to see other pet parade photos. More cute pictures follow below–click to enlarge the individual photos.

Gerard Teichman sent that photo of a literary bird: “Meet Maia. She has a personality much larger than her 45 grams.”

Marilee Brothers had a simple description of her literary dog: “Mauli has slept on my feet while I’ve written 6 books.”

Michelle Reynoso wrote: “My cat Felix is pictured here keeping me company while I work on revisions.”

Deb Smith, Bell Bridge Books explained this picture: This is Butters, who was abandoned on our road at the end of September. The vet estimated her age at only four weeks old then. She could barely eat solid food and spent the first week of her life in our home sleeping on my chest in a baby sling I made from a scarf. Now she’s a rousing 3-months-plus and rules the household. She’s one of Bell Bridge Books’ mascots, since her adventures have been chronicled by me in regular emails to my partners in Memphis. I made the “cAttitude” booklet as a Christmas gift for a relative. The proof copies arrived today and Butters took great interest in them. Also in the cat toys sent to her by the BB folks in Memphis.”