Lockpicking for Novelists

By Jason Boog Comment

Almost every single detective, spy, or thriller novel has somebody picking a lock to sneak inside a locked room. But how many novelists (or nonfiction writers, for that matter) in the audience know how to pick a lock in real life?

Over at Lifehacker, you can learn how to pick locks through a series of instructive YouTube videos and online resources. While we would never endorse actually breaking into someone’s house, this is valuable intelligence for all the novelists. (17 lock-picking tools pictured via)

Here’s more from the post: “The best place to get started with lock picking is to look up a local chapter of Locksport International. Not only does it add in a social element to the hobby but in meeting up with other more seasoned lock picking enthusiasts you’ll get a chance to see and try out all sorts of tools and practice lock sets that would cost a bundle to buy when you’re just getting started. Downloading the previously mentioned Locksport International Guide to Lockpicking here.”