Resolutions from Around the Literary World

By Maryann Yin Comment

Today we have a new set of 2011 literary resolutions from writers. Share your resolutions in the comments section or on Twitter.

Stunt nonfiction writer A.J. Jacobs: “My literary new year’s resolution is to read some a novel or two this year. I’ve spent the last few months reading health and medical books for my new project, and I think reading something fictional sounds a strange and exciting prospect.”

Mr. Peanut author Adam Ross: “I had a busy 2010, true, but I only read 16 books. I’m betting, though, that if I’d visited Facebook only once a day (I’m a confessed Scrabble addict), as well as Twitter,,, and, I’d have doubled that figure. We live in an acutely distracted age that constantly pummels our best sense of reality (I won’t even get started here on my BlackBerry). So in 2011, I’m going to budget my computer time more rigorously. There’s too much to read before I die.”

Children’s books writer Barry Lyga: “To try something new and learn something new in everything I write, whether it’s a different narrative technique, a novel way of exploring and defining character, or fresh, unexplored subject matter. In short: to steer clear of the comfort zones and dance in the fire.”

Incarceron series author Catherine Fisher: “My resolution for 2011 would be to finish the novel I’m working on and write more poetry. And then to visit Venice!”

EDITOR’S NOTE: An earlier version of this post misspelled Adam Ross’ name.