Literary Remix Contest Winners

By Jason Boog Comment

screen1small.jpgThe World’s Longest Literary Remix exceeded our craziest expectations–GalleyCat Reviews readers handed in amazingly creative entries and the remixed novel has been read thousands of times on Check out the literary experiment here.

To celebrate this completely rewritten edition of a 100-year-old novel, we are happy to announce the winners of our contest–the twelve winning writers were randomly chosen from among the remix contributors.

Reader Elizabeth Gokey has won a prize package from the remixing experts at Quirk Books. The package contains an assortment of Quirk Classics books, posters, and audiobooks.

Reader Dorothy Distefano has won the “Electric Literature: Year One” prize package–a complete set of the first four issues of the literary journal.

Finally, ten lucky readers have won an actual printed copy of the remixed novel. and are donating 10 printed copies of the completely remixed novel, using the company’s new print-on-demand service. Find out who won below…

The winners of printed copies are:

1. Alecia Burke
2. Greta Bishop
3. Jason Lea
4. Marilynn Byerly
5. Jennifer Jones
6. Kristin Thiel
7. Richard Melo
8. Mary Ann Locke
9. Layli Whyte
10. Sarah E. Caldwell

Most importantly, we plan on hosting another remix contest in August, so if you would like to participate, email us with the subject heading “The Remix Strikes Back.”

The entire remix is embedded below, click the “download” button to get your free copy. Remix image above via Jenny Sparks

Joe’s Luck: The World’s Longest Literary Remix