Literary Parrots & Royal Pugs in Our Pet Parade

By Jason Boog Comment

GalleyCat readers around the globe have joined our annual Pet Parade, sending photos of their literary pets.

Boxing Day Books editor Paula Morrow sent that picture of a literary bird: “No pet parade is complete without a parrot! Harley is a Congo African grey parrot who lives (and serves as occasional guest editor) with small press Boxing Day Books. Here’s Harley during some down time, pondering the existence of cats.”

More photos follow below–we will collect all the entries at this link.

Mountain Press marketing manager Anne Iverson wrote: “I’m attaching a picture of Jack, the Mountain Press office cat. He’s showing his Christmas spirit while sitting on a pallet of Roadside Geology of Yellowstone books. Jack lives here at the office. He usually greets most visitors. He’s a very friendly, yet reserved, 18-pound, Maine Coon Cat.”

Vida Engstrand sent a carol about her literary dogs: “Pugs of wonder, pugs of light / we three pugs / grey, black and white / sending love and seasons greetings / treats and naps and snores delight.”

Sandra Scoppettone wrote: “I had two Persian cats named Nick and Nora so when they went to their great reward I wanted a dog who resembled them as closely as possible. So I got a Shih Tzu (plate face) and named him Hammett. He actually writes all my novels, but don’t tell anyone.”

BookHounds shared that photo of the “elusive 9th reindeer.”

Author J.R. Mackenzie wrote: “Inspired by her own Maine Coon cat,  A Temptation Tale is for those readers who can appreciate the curative powers of good humor with an occasional shot of the holy water.”

Reader Toni submitted a picture of Toto.