Literary Dachshund Leads Our Pet Parade

By Jason Boog Comment

GalleyCat readers around the globe have joined our annual Pet Parade, sending photos of their literary pets.

Avalon Travel Publishing & Seal Press online marketing manager Jen Rios-Burns shared that photo: “Attached is a photo of my 5-year-old dachshund, Churro, who envisions himself as a true Wiener Wolf. The author, Jeff Crosby, even signed this copy for him when he visited BookPeople in Austin, TX.”

More photos follow below–we will collect all the entries at this link.

Christine M. Fairchild sent that picture: My dog, Bo, was just diagnosed with cancer (read his story at ) so we put up our photos at my local Starbucks. Folks loved the JD and “reading” photos. Bob Dugoni, the author, is a colleague, so after having lunch with him, I went home and took the shots to show him the diversity of his fan base! He loved them.”

Amanda Makepeace writes: “This is Shadow (a.k.a Attack Cat), a British cat now living in The South. She’s not very fond of the heat in Georgia; which might account for her unpredictable moods. When she isn’t showing off her claws she loves to curl up with a good book.”

Amy M. Schmittauer sent that picture. She wrote: “Lucy is a beagle and the picture I attached is the last great one of her beautiful eyes. She will be having surgery tomorrow to have her pupils removed because of Glaucoma. Hoping the prosthesis will make her look normal, but as you’ll see in the picture, her gorgeous eyes are irreplaceable regardless.”


Sandra E. Chubb shared that picture of her cat.


Zara Garcia-Alvarez explained: “Okay, so Maki’s not a cat—but a dog. But she does like to read. A lot.”
Tracy Locke shared that photo of her literary cat, The Bean.