Lit Resolutions from Heather Brewer, Teddy Wayne, Helen Simonson, & Thelma Adams

By Maryann Yin Comment

Today we have a new set of 2011 literary resolutions from writers. Share your resolutions in the comments section orĀ on Twitter.

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod vampire series writer Heather Brewer: “1. FINALLY read Mockingjay (I am SO far behind the times!). 2. Tackle something totally different for me – like a first person, female perspective (that, or happy fluffy rainbow bunnies). 3. Continue taking over the world with my Minion Horde (and yes, this does count as literary…kinda).”

Kapitoil novelist and writing professor Teddy Wayne (back in sarcasm): “My literary New Year’s resolution is to learn to read. (I’m currently dictating this to my assistant).”

Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand novelist Helen Simonson: “New Year’s resolutions make me miserable; write more…eat less…spontaneously develop Rapunzel-thick hair…win Mega Millions. You get the picture. I prefer to take a ‘one day at a time’ approach to my writing and personal life, and I’m looking forward to 2011 with its 364 opportunities to wake up and write something good. Wishing all a Happy New Year and plenty of champagne!”

Playdate author and film critic Thelma Adams: “I vow to remember that, as a novelist who earns my living as a film critic, to take all literary criticism of my book with a grain of salt, even the raves.”