Lit Resolutions from Andrew Shaffer, Andrea Cremer, Delilah Marvelle & Tanya Wright

By Maryann Yin Comment

Last week, we started the literary New Year’s resolutions hashtag on Twitter. Today, we have more literary New Year’s resolutions from authors. Share your resolutions in the comments section or on Twitter.

Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love writer Andrew Shaffer (otherwise known as Evil Wylie/Emperor Franzen): “Although my resolution is to make it through my ‘to be read’ pile before buying any new books, I have absolutely no intention of keeping it…Books are a drug, and I’m hooked. Publishers know this, which is why they continue to put out new books that I simply MUST read.”

Nightshade children’s series writer Andrea Cremer: “To give more depth and breadth to the Nightshade world with the fourth book in the series: a prequel set in 1400s Europe (will publish in fall 2012). To start the steampunk series that’s been brewing in my mind for months now. To finish up my academic monograph – a revision of my doctoral thesis on gender and warfare in 17th century New England.”

Scandal trilogy author Delilah Marvelle: “My New Year’s Literary Resolution is to discover 25 new to me authors NOT recommended by friends, the industry or reviewers. I want to find those authors hidden within the cracks of the literary world that no one, not even the best read folks, know of.”

Butterfly Rising novelist Tanya Wright: “My literary resolution is to read books that I wouldn’t ordinarily read; stuff like sci-fi and young adult. There’s something to learn from everybody, everywhere. I’m having a great time lately doing things I’ve never done, so it seems natural that this desire to ‘expand my horizons’ would transfer into my literary life.”