List of ‘Hollywood’s 25 Most Powerful Authors’ Unveiled

By Maryann Yin 

rowlingHollywood has been chasing after popular books for inspiration. Titles such as the Harry Potter seriesThe Hunger Games trilogy, and The Fault in our Stars novel have been transformed into blockbluster film franchises.

At this point in time, a diverse array of adaptation projects are being developed for YouTube, Hulu, and the silver screen. In recognition of book creators, The Hollywood Reporter has crafted a list of “Hollywood’s 25 Most Powerful Authors.”

J.K. Rowling claimed the number one spot because arguably speaking, “no single creator has had so much influence on a megafranchise since George Lucas and the original Star Wars trilogy.” We’ve posted the list of the top 10 authors below—what do you think?

Top 10 of Hollywood’s 25 Most Powerful Authors

1) J.K. Rowling
2) Stephen King
3) George R.R. Martin
4) E.L. James
5) John Green
6) Nicholas Sparks
7) Gillian Flynn
8) James Patterson
9) Michael Lewis
10) Laura Hillenbrand