Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library’s Excellent Holiday Greeting

By Jason Boog Comment

Owly Images

The Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library (KVML) sent out a holiday card this year, turning the author’s famous phrase from Slaughterhouse-Five into a Christmas-y greeting. We’ve embedded a photo of the card above, thanks to Writers Digest.

You can visit the museum in the Emelie Building in downtown Indianapolis (340 N. Senate Ave.) Earlier this year, the KVML collected donations to send copies of Slaughterhouse-Five to students at a high school that removed the book from a reading list. They’ve put the donations to good use.

Here’s more from the site: “the KVML is putting our additional donations toward the creation of a banned book exhibit for the KVML and a Banned Book Response Team to help other communities when the hint of banned books arises. We’ll share with them a toolkit for how to deal with the situation based on what we have learned from this situation. Many, many volunteers are stepping forward to help with this important cause. The KVML extends our thanks to all of you for your support in helping us protect First Amendment rights. Thanks to you, we’ll be ready the next time someone tries to mess with Kurt Vonnegut.”