Kirkus Reviews Officially Announces Sale

By Jason Boog Comment

kirkus.jpgLast week, we reported that Herbert Simon–the owner of the Indiana Pacers and “chairman emeritus” of the Simon Property Group–had purchased Kirkus Reviews–rescuing the beloved book review.

Yesterday, we received a company press release officially announcing the acquisition. Simon had this statement: “I love books and have long subscribed to Kirkus … With the growth of e-books and e-reading devices, no one can really see the future of publishing. But turmoil like this creates opportunities. At a time when even the definition of a book is changing, my love of books makes me want to be part of the solution for the book publishing industry.”

The entire press release is embedded after the jump. If you want to read more, we also gave our readers a peek at the editorial calendar at Kirkus. Simon is the 317th richest American, according to Forbes magazine’s 2009 list.

Kirkus Sale