Kate Lee’s Big Week

By Carmen Comment

Someday, perhaps when she’s risen enough in the ranks to make people forget all about Binky, Esther and Richard, Kate Lee won’t be known as the “Agent to the Bloggerati.” And in truth, checking over a listing of her most recent deals over at Publishers Marketplace (which is why this database is pure porn for the publishing-obsessed) only five out of nineteen — not quite 25% — involve bloggers in any form.

This week, Lee’s brokered agreements for three of her clients. One’s already been extensively written about (and the full disclosure seems patently obvious.) The next, finally, is Glenn Reynolds, aka Instapundit, whose non-fiction tome AN ARMY OF DAVIDS (How Markets and Technology Empower Ordinary People to Beat Big Media, Big Government, and Other Goliaths) sold to Joel Miller at Nelson Current. Why finally? Because Glenn’s been blogging since the dark ages and he’s probably received more “when are you going to get a book deal” requests than Spiers has.

And to round things up, a non-blogger deal. In fact, it’s for a crime novel, which surprises me because I didn’t think Lee repped those kinds of books. But this one, I admit, might be difficult to resist: THE FIRST CHRONICLE OF CHARLES LENOX by Charles Finch, the first in what’s describe as “a Victorian London-set crime series described as equal parts Sherlock Holmes and P.G. Wodehouse.” The lucky editor will be crime fiction’s current It Boy, Ben Sevier over at St. Martin’s Minotaur.