Justin Bieber Records Book Trailer for Amazon

By Jason Boog Comment

Pop star Justin Bieber has recorded a 20-second book trailer for Amazon, appealing directly to his fans.

Here’s transcription of the brief Bieber book trailer: “Hey guys. Justin Bieber here. I just wanted to say ‘What up.’ I’m coming out with a book and it’s called First Step 2 Forever. It’s my story and I wrote it for you. It’s got a lot of exclusive photos and, you know, a lot of cool stuff about me and how I got discovered and the whole story. So I wanted to say, ‘Go buy it and, you know, I’m really excited about it.'”

While transcribing the interview, we uncovered this surreal and hilarious review of the Bieber book by comic Amazon book reviewer Jimmy Dean. We thought his brand of parody criticism merited a GalleyCat Reviews post–an excerpt follows below…

An excerpt from the Bieber book review: “What Justin Bieber (or JB) has done is appealed to the new times, the new college graduates, in a time of diverse ethnic foods, extra tight jeans, sexual androgyny, etc, has forced a generation that has become complacent with their inherited values in order to challenge them, so they might grow. JB’s book, like his music, is rife with allusion and difficult challenges, it takes a genius of his caliber to challenge the established order and force people to examine their lives and core values. There is too much anti-war sentiment and not enough really awesome hairdos in our culture.”