Judge Orders Remedy for Apple in eBook Case

By Jason Boog Comment

U.S. District Court judge Denise Cote has issued an order regarding the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against Apple for setting the price of eBooks. Below, we’ve embedded a PDF copy of the complete final judgement.

According to the judge, “Apple shall not enter into or maintain any agreement with an eBook Publisher where such an agreement will increase, fix, or set the price at which other eBook Retailers can acquire or sell eBooks.” In addition, the court also ordered the appointment of an external monitor. Assistant Attorney General Bill Baer outlined this new position:

the court has decided to appoint an external monitor to ensure that Apple’s internal antitrust compliance policies will be sufficient to catch future anticompetitive activities before they result in harm to consumers. The monitor, whose salary and expenses will be paid by Apple, will work with an internal antitrust compliance officer who will be hired by and report exclusively to the outside directors comprising Apple’s audit committee. The antitrust compliance officer will be responsible for training Apple’s senior executives about the antitrust laws and ensuring that Apple abides by the relief ordered by the court.

Here is the complete final judgement…

Final Judgment on the eBook Price Fixing Case by Mediabistro