Journalist and Author Lou Dobbs Leaving CNN

By Jason Boog Comment

9780143112525L.jpgYesterday TVNewser reporter Kevin Allocca broke the news that Lou Dobbs, the author of “War on the Middle Class” and “Independents Day: Awakening the American Spirit” will be leaving his nightly news program.

Here’s more from TVNewser: “TVNewser has heard from multiple sources that Lou Dobbs will announce he is leaving CNN on his program tonight at 7pmET. A CNN spokesperson could not confirm nor deny that Dobbs would make an announcement about his future at CNN or that he will be leaving the network.”

UPDATE: TVNewser’s post has added a statement from CNN’s Jon Klein: “Lou has now decided to carry the banner of advocacy journalism elsewhere.”

UPDATE: TVNewser’s post has added a statement from Dobbs’ farewell address: “Over the past six months it’s become increasingly clear that strong winds of change have begun buffeting this country and affecting all of us, and some leaders in media, politics, and business have been urging me to go beyond the role at CNN and to engage in constructive problem solving as well as to contribute positively to the great understanding of the issues of our day.”

Dobbs joined CNN in 1980, and is the host of the popular program, Lou Dobbs Tonight. Update: the NY Times has confirmed with a CNN executive that Dobbs will resign.