Johnny Diaz Lands Film Deal

By Jeff Rivera Comment

Open Road Integrated Media, a New York-based digital publisher and multimedia content company, has optioned the TV, film and digital rights to Johnny Diaz’s first three novels, Boston Boys Club, Miami Manhunt, and Beantown Cubans.

Diaz, a Boston Globe Business staff writer, published his fourth novel this week. We caught up with the novelist to find out more about his books.

Diaz explained: “I wanted to present gay Latinos in a positive light and to buck the negative stereotypes that we often see in books, TV and film.  I wanted to do for gay Hispanic men and their friends what author Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez has done for Latinas in literature – amplify their voice.”

Diaz added that he’s thrilled that his first three books have optioned. “I just wanted to get my stories out there but then to have people believe that your characters and their stories could transcend another platform is truly an honor.”

Prior to joining the Globe, Johnny was a reporter at the Miami Herald, where he shared in the 2000 Pulitzer award coverage of the federal seizure of Elián Gonzalez.  He was also a featured contributor in the first Chicken Soup for the Latino Soul book.