John Mark Karr Walks (Sorta);Morrow’s Mystery Book Back Up for Grabs?

By Neal Comment

What does one part of that headline have to do with the other? Well, as we speculated wildly a few weeks ago, one of the better guesses about that totally-under-wraps William Morrow fall special was the prospect of Mark Fuhrman blowing the JonBenet case wide open, and with Colorado’s prosecutors declining to take Karr to court, there’s room for a new provocative “solution” to the murder.* I mean, I still think the book is going to be Christopher Andersen delivering the goods on Michael Jackson, but Fuhrman’s certainly another Morrow asset that could be described as “a proven author who will tell the story everyone wants to hear” about “a shattering, provocative and mesmerizing true story,” which would be a reasonable description of the Ramsey killing.

It’s not like I know one way or the other; this is all just speculation guided by industry experience. Here’s another guess: When that one-day laydown hits on September 12, whatever the subject of this book is, it’s going to be on the front page of the New York Postjust like they did with Michael Bergin’s “I Nailed John-John’s Wife” tell-all, another ballyhooed literary property from HarperCollins and News Corp.

*Of course, he still faces those kiddy porn charges in California, so it’s not like he’s out of the woods yet.

Sarah adds: Then again, it could be something else entirely, thanks to what one tipster just pointed out: Borders has it listed as being shelved in British History, which also jibes with what I’ve been hearing over the last few days that HarperCollins US is essentially taking the lead from its British counterparts. The tipster also points to chatter on a LiveJournal blog for Borders employees, where speculation focuses on – wait for it – Princess Diana.

And so, let’s modify Ron’s guess: it’s Christopher Andersen, but he’s going back to the well already mined for THE DAY DIANA DIED and DIANA’S BOYS. Will this new effort be the completion of Di’s memoirs, as one Borders type wonders? Or something else entirely? Better guesses can be sent our way, as always…