Jobs & Gates in Wide-Ranging Interview


By Neal Comment


I was so wrapped up in preparing for BookExpo America last week that I had no idea Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Microsoft CEO Bill Gates were speaking together at a technology conference in a lengthy interview conducted by Walter Mossberg and Kara Swisher. Much like Alan Greenspan‘s appearance at BEA, only with cameras allowed—click through that link, and you can see it all on streaming video. I know it’s not strictly publishing industry news, but you should still care what these guys have to say because, well, technology matters, right? But it also got me thinking about how much I’d love to see a similar summit take place in the book industry with two people who sparked similar revolutions in the way we do business.

DISCUSS: I came up with Jeff Bezos of and Steve Riggio of Barnes & Noble, but I’m sure you must have some great match-ups to put forward. And who knows? Maybe we could actually make one of them happen!

photo: Dan Farber/ZDNet