James Frey Modern Day Messiah Novel Excerpted in Vice Magazine

By Jason Boog Comment

Vice Magazine has published an excerpt from James Frey‘s upcoming novel, The Final Testament of the Holy Bible.

Frey will self-publish the book about a gritty, modern-day Messiah on Good Friday (April 22). In an unusual partnership, art gallery owner Larry Gagosian will print 11,000  copies of the book and Frey (pictured, via) will sell the book online as well.

Frey’s book features different narrators named after Biblical authors, all explaining how they met the modern day messiah, Ben Zion Avrohom. Below, we’ve linked to an expletive-laded excerpt from the Matthew section.

Here’s more from Vice Magazine: “When I was seventeen, I left [my parents] for good. Just walked the f*** away. I was figuring I’d do fine on my own, and even if I didn’t, I’d rather be doing real bad my own way than be an a****** doing what other people thought I should be doing. I convinced myself I was breaking out in the name of some kind of f****** freedom. I hadn’t learned yet that everybody’s locked up some way or another. That’s how life is; we’re all imprisoned by something.”