Jack Andraka Has Signed With Martin Literary Agency

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

jackJack Andraka, a Maryland high school sophomore that invented a low-cost sensor that can detect pancreatic cancer early, has signed with Martin Literary & Media Management.

Andraka invented the technology after a close family friend died of pancreatic cancer. In his research, he discovered that a lack of low-cost early detection led to a low survival rate among people with pancreatic cancer. Andraka’s work won the 2012 grand prize at the Intel International Space and Engineering Fair, which included a $75,000 purse.

Andraka’s work has been widely documented in the media including Morgan Spurlock’s short documentary You Don’t Know Jack, as well as interviews on The Colbert Report and 60 Minutes, and stories in Forbes, Smithsonian Magazine and Popular Science.  Andraka has even given his own Ted Talk.

The sixteen year-old will be represented by Sharlene Martin and Clelia Gore. “We are both thrilled and honored to represent Jack Andraka,” stated Martin in a press release. “He is an inspiration to our youth as well as adults worldwide with his remarkable accomplishments.”