Italo Calvino’s Daughter Raises Money for Video Book Review

By Jason Boog Comment

at.jpgProducer and comparative literature professor Giovanna Calvino (the daughter of the great author Italo Calvino), is raising money for a new web video show entitled Amateur Thursdays.

The new site will feature video book reviews, a new multimedia addition to the literary criticism toolbox. The site is already soliciting reader submissions. Calvino’s team is raising money for the program through the web-based fundraising site Kickstarter–last week we wrote about a librarian using the same site.

Here’s more about Amateur Thursdays: “In T.S. Eliot’s The Cocktail Party, a character calls his wife’s attempt at hosting a salon her ‘amateur thursdays.’ His telling of these gatherings is both hilarious and unforgiving. By calling our literary web show AMATEUR THURSDAYS we set the tone for humor, glamour and intelligence. Each week we’ll post a five-minute episode with writers — upcoming and established, famous and unknown — talking to each other about their current readings. The show will be available for free on our website, which will also feature independent video book reviews by a variety of readers.”

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