Italian eBook Publisher Launches Beta Imprint

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

Italian eBook publishers 40k books has a new line of digital publications available called 40,000k Unofficial. The beta version imprint is specifically designed “to recreate the same relaxed reading experience that we usually associate to paper books” for texts “that are too long to be read online.”

The series, which so far only includes Italian-language titles, is not unlike a Kindle Single. It’s content that is not written to a specific page length and falls somewhere between a book and a blog.

Here is more about the content from the 40kbooks blog: “Paper books create a set of rules to define content, starting from pages and their limits. Going digital, the idea of book as a product vanishes, and the same happens to the distance between paper books and different kinds of content outside paper boundaries. So, maybe I’m wrong, we need to be prepared to change our perspective.”

The new project is a natural extension of the original imprint, the DigiPub-owned 40kbooks,which was founded to publish short form fiction and novellas. Check out AppNewser’s interview with 40kbooks CEO Marco Ferrario to learn more.