Indie Poetry Magazine on Kickstarter

By Maryann Yin Comment

Victoria Brockmeier hopes to raise $2,300 to establish the independent poetry magazine, Lumn. The funds will be used to cover the printing costs, purchasing supplies, and Amazon fees.

Above, we’ve embedded a video about the Kickstarter project–what do you think? Here’s more about the project:

“Does the world need another poetry magazine? Yes. An unqualified, emphatic yes. Although we have a lot of excellent magazines around, we don’t have one quite like Lumn…I’m printing poems from a rich spectrum of voices, including established but exciting names alongside brand new writers — as any magazine should — but these poems combine lush imagery, a love of play, obsidian-edge precision even in their cryptic aspects, and an abiding inquiry into the depth, warmth, and difficulty of our human condition.”

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