If They Could Publish It, They Would


By Carmen Comment

Another day, another wrinkle in the OJ Simpson/IF I DID IT saga. This latest one originates out of Canada, where Bloomberg reports that Barclay Road Inc., a Montreal-based publisher whose titles include inspirational books by Og Mandino and Robert Danzig, said it would consider printing Simpson’s controversial book if it becomes available – in the name of free speech. “We are looking for the book to put us back in the marketplace,” said Steve Meyers, Barclay Road’s head of investor relations, in a statement yesterday. “Giving the manuscript a read might just prove that the press did not have all of the facts.” If Barclay Road did nab the publishing rights, the company said it would change the book’s title and cover.

The party line from Simpson’s attorney, Yale Galanter, is that “a number of publishers are interested in the book. I can not reveal their names at this time.” Which sounds a whole lot like spin, but hey, if a publisher can generate a news story with the strongest whiff of conjecture, so can OJ’s lawyer…