Hyperion & ABC News Make Promo Videos For Author Kenneth Davis

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

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ABC News and Hyperion Books have teamed up to create a series of digital videos based on books. The first series of videos is based on content from books by author  Kenneth C. Davis, author of the Don’t Know Much About series, which includes Don’t Know Much About History.

The videos will dissect rare facts about American history. We’ve embedded the first episode above. Here is more about the series from the release: “Today’s first episode tackles the vagaries of the Electoral College and explains why we have this process and how it impacts government today. In upcoming shows, Davis will explore the birth of political parties and America’s first democratic election. A new webisode will run each month on ABCNews.com and OTUSNews.com.”

The videos will serve as a promotional platform for Davis’ books. In September, Hyperion will be publish his newest book Don’t Know Much About the American Presidents, a history of American presidents from Washington to Obama.