Hurricane Sandy Resources

By Jason Boog Comment

As Hurricane Sandy nears the East Coast, we wanted to share some resources for our readers. We hope everyone stays safe during this difficult time.

New York City has issued this warning: “A mandatory evacuation order is in effect for residents in Zone A areas, the Rockaways, Hamilton Beach, and City Island. If you live in Zone A, leave immediately. Consider staying with friends or family outside the affected area. If you cannot stay with family or friends, shelters are open in public schools around the city.”

If you live in New York City, check to see if you are in a Hurricane Evacuation Zone.

Here is a list of shelters in New York City.

State-by-State Guide to Hurricane Sandy at The New York Times.

How to report storm damage in New York City.

Track flooding in the region with this Google Map.

Con Edison created a power outage map of the region.

How to register with American Red Cross Safe & Sound registry when the storm has passed.

Don’t leave your pets behind. Evacuation centers in New York and New Jersey accept pets.

One FEMA administrator advises parents to read with their children: “it may be scary for children, good time to get out the books & read to them.”

How to access Twitter via text message for emergency communication–if the power fails but your phone still has a signal.

New York State has created an app for emergency communication during Hurricane Sandy.

If you know about other resources we should mention, just email GalleyCat the details to we will include them.