Hurricane Irene Destroys 60% of Collection at West Hartford Public Library in Vermont

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

Some East Coast libraries are recovering after destructive floods from Hurricane Irene damaged their collections.

The West Hartford Public Library in Vermont lost 60 percent of their collection during the floods. We’ve included an address below if you want to send donations or books. You can also call local bookseller The Norwich Bookstore at 802-649-1114 for more relief details.

The School Library Journal has a comprehensive report on the hurricane’s damage.

Send donations to:

West Hartford Public Library
P.O. Box 26
West Hartford, VT 05084

According to the report, the Fletcher Memorial Library in Ludlow and the Brattleboro Public Library seemed to survive, despite heavy flooding in each town. Wells Memorial Library in New York lost its entire children’s collection in the hurricane. Follow this link to lend your support.

The state libraries in New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and North Carolina were spared.  (Support links via)